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Accesories Buoyancy Compensators
Dive accessories more info
Choose from our selection of back inflation and jacket style BCs based on your diving preference.  We carry a wide selection of BCs from Aqualung, SeaQuest, Oceanic, Hollis, Dive Rite, and Mares. more info
Dive Computers Fins
We carry and support all computers from Atomic Aquatics, Dive Rite, Hollis, Mares, Oceanic, and of course Suunto! more info
Get where you need to go--underwater!  We have fins for every dive and snorkeling condition. more info
Masks Snorkels
Choose from our many different mask styles.  We also carry mask accessories including lenses for divers with less than perfect vision. more info
Check out the different style, models and colors of our snorkel collection.  Choose what works for you and expresses your indviduality. more info
Wet Suits
Diving should be fun.  Being cold--especially in Florida--is not fun.  Our range of wet-suits is enough to meet any dive condition: From dive skins, 3, 5 and 7mm suits and more! more info